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Music, Drama and Movement. Easy & Fun to do.

For Early Childhood and Primary K-6.
Singing, performing, moving


In the car, in the classroom, in Music Class, at Assembly.

Unique * Different

Australian Songs for children sung by children.
Unique – it provides great singing models for children to listen to.
Different –  it gives children the opportunity to express what they think & feel.

        For teachers  It’s based on school curriculum…….tick that box

For parents & grandparents    You  know that they’ll love the songs

About The Singing Stick

In ancient times the holder of the stick had the right to speak or tell their story. The stick also symbolises the maker of music and the bringing together of many players with the baton.

With this thought in mind…..

Children are born with wings, teachers help them fly.’


With a passion for eating great wholefoods and getting the message to children about where their food comes from The Singing Stick have partnered with Harvest Hub and the Crunch & Sip program which is in schools in New South Wales.

The Creators

The creators at The Singing Stick have different strengths to offer:
Jayne revels in all things dramatic and in creating ideas. She is an experienced teacher, stage technician and director, creative writer and now part of the Harvest Hub team.
Rhonda gets lost in the world of music. She is a teacher  and creator of music  and creative writer and for many years has been the organiser of the ABC ‘Sing’ book.